LRSD Facilities Plans: Theirs, His or Yours

Here are the plans. Though we vehemently disagree, opponents’ not wanting the district to progress while in State control is a valid position. But opponents of the proposed millage refinance/extension won’t admit that. Instead, they attack and oppose the lowest cost public finance option, even when their own very public plans were much more financially burdensome to the district and taxpayers.
Then-Local School Board – Increase Taxes $375,000,000 – January 22, 2015
LRSD Board Minutes, January 22, 2015
Board Unanimously Approves Proposed Facilities Plan, January 22, 2015
Little Rock Facilities Master Plan, Fanning Howey, May 27, 2014
“Little Rock School Board unanimously approves facilities plan, millage campaign,” Arkansas Times, January 22, 2015

Then-Superintendent Baker Kurrus – Borrow $165,000,000 at 4.5% Interest for 30 Years – June 15, 2015
Report to Civic Advisory Committee, Page 11 (Financial Responsibility and Planning); Page 13, Paragraph 3

Superintendent Mike Poore – Refinance, Extend Existing Debt at Lowest Rate – May 9, 2017
LRSD Planned Capital Improvement Projects

While the former superintendent may claim circumstances have changed, he didn’t acknowledge then, nor does he now that the district’s annual property tax receipts grew $38,503,441 over the past ten years. That’s the equivalent of current dollar state funding for 5,747 new students and an average annual increase of $3,850,344 (575 students).Seven people decided the first plan. One person proposed the second. On May 9th, voters will decide the third. May the immediate best interests of students guide our decision.
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