Arkansas Learns Impact

The largest public education lobbies represent employed and elected adults – administrators (10 employees), incumbent school board members (21 employees), and union teachers/staff (12 employees). Arkansas Learns, with just one day-to-day employee, is the only voice for consumers of public education (students, families, employers, taxpayers), but its impact is game-changing:

  • School Choice (inter-district, open-enrollment public charter)
  • School board elections aligned with primary or general elections
  • A-F grades for school performance, growth
  • Rewards for top academic performing, improving schools
  • Election, appointment of leaders who share our core principles
  • Competition among two-year colleges
  • Growth of excellent public education options – improvement of districts, expansion of open-enrollment public and conversion charters, digital learning, industry-relevant career pathways

Our Focus

Defend, enhance student-focus, transparency, accountability, rewards, choice, and agility in public education.

Ensure business-led, industry-relevant career pathways for every student.

Prioritize that all students, except those precluded by intellectual disability, read at level.

Empower local business communities to know/insist on excellence and identify, recruit, and elect school board members aligned with shared principles.

Our Challenge


Billion in Annual Education Spending (Federal, State & Local)


Arkansas General Revenue to K-12


Arkansas General Revenue to Higher Education


Arkansas General Revenue to Combined Education


Public School Students in Arkansas


Per Student Spending Per Year


Per Student Over K-12 Career

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Our Return on Investment?

Reading Readiness




1-Year Change

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3-Year Change


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