About Arkansas Learns

Since 2012, Arkansas Learns has become the Voice of Business for excellent education options – including industry-relevant career pathways – for all students, no matter their culture, economic status, or residence, to ensure Arkansas and Arkansans may successfully compete economically.

Talent drives economic development. And the biggest part of the talent pipeline is K-12 public education.

All businesses need empowered customers and educated employees. Arkansas Learns exists to ensure both by uniting business leaders to leverage power and influence to shape policy, improve educational options and outcomes, and strengthen Arkansas. Why? Because…

When Arkansas Learns, Arkansas Earns.

Our Vision

Constantly rising educational attainment raising Arkansans’ per capita income.

Our Mission

Ours is the only Arkansas organization 100% focused on the development, retention, expansion and attraction of talent as a driver of economic development.

Core Principles

  • STUDENT-FOCUS: Put students first in all policies, practices.
  • TRANSPARENCY: Ensure public access to detailed, user-friendly performance, financial and demographic data.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Assign direct responsibility for education outcomes.
  • REWARDS: Systemically and individually tie dollars to student growth, success.
  • CHOICE: Empower parents and students to choose, and policy makers to support, best learning environments.
  • AGILITY: Ensure all students are equipped with essential skills, nimbleness to be prepared for future of work.

Arkansas Learns Strategic Partnerships

Arkansas Learns Leadership

Bill Dillard III


Claiborne P. Deming

Murphy Oil Corporation

Luke Gordy

George Makris

Simmons Bank

Lisenne Rockefeller

The Winrock Group, Inc.

Kathy L. Smith

EdVision LLC

Jim Walton

Arvest Bank

Randy Zook

Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce | Associated Industries of Arkansas

Gary Newton

President & CO (Ex Officio)