Is Texarkana Improving?

With three different summative assessments in three years, the only way to glean if a school district and/or school is improving is to compare cumulative summative scores to other school districts and/or schools.

Here’s how the Texarkana School District ranks in the past five years of summative tests, when compared to all other Arkansas school districts and open-enrollment public charter schools.

Year Test No. of Districts/
Charter Schools
% Proficient/
Advanced Math 
Rank % Proficient/
Advanced Literacy 
 2012-13 Benchmark 261 65% 203rd 72% 203rd
 2013-14 Benchmark 252 61% 219th 68% 216th
   % Met/Exceeded
Expectations Math
 % Met/Exceeded
Expectations Literacy
2014-15 PARCC 251 15% 188th 22% 196th
   % Meeting Readiness
Benchmark Math
 % Meeting Readiness
Benchmark English
Language Arts
 2015-16 ACT Aspire 254 31% 200th 37% 195th
 2016-17 ACT Aspire 257 34% 199th 40% 207th

Source: Office for Education Policy – Arkansas Schools Data – BenchmarkPARCCACT Aspire

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