On the Record: Citizen, Candidate, Plaintiff

Whom do you trust?

Citizen (April 22, 2013)

“I want to continue to be on record that I am disappointed that we are rushing forward to build this West Little Rock school. I know it is inevitable and that I am fighting against the tide, but someone must say it.

“This will be, like Roberts Elementary, a majority white segregated school. Yes there will be a few middle class African American, Hispanic, and Asian families, but the the (sic) overwhelming majority will be white children whose parents are afraid to have them in schools with African American kids. I realize I cannot change that.”

Email to LRSD Board

Candidate (August 18, 2014)

“We need a new middle school in the western part of our district.

“We should build a new high school near the population center of the northwestern part of our district. This state-of-the-art school would meet the population growth of our city’s northwestern boundaries.”

Facebook Post

Plaintiff (October 7, 2015)

“WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs respectfully pray that this Court after a hearing or hearings and identifying violations of Plaintiffs’ rights by Defendants, or another basis for relief, grant preliminary and permanent relief as follows:

“[a] a preliminary injunction preventing: [I] the opening of an LRSD middle school or high school in west Little Rock and [ii] the opening of a new charter school or the expansion of an existing charter school in west Little Rock, until the adoption and Court approval of a constitutionally adequate facility plan for the LRSD, or other terms specified by the Court;” 

71-page Federal Lawsuit


Order Dismissng It

One person is responsible for each of these statements. He now runs the campaign against immediately building and refurbishing Little Rock School District schools by refinancing and extending the district’s debt service bonds without raising taxes.

The federal lawsuit is Jim Ross et al. v. Baker Kurrus et al.

Attached Documents: Jim Ross April (PDF) & Jim Ross August (PDF)

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