LISA Academy Releases Full Marketing Plan

Little Rock, AR – LISA Academy takes pride in being a diverse school and is often recognized
as the most diverse school in Little Rock. We take any suggestions otherwise very seriously.

Recently, it was pointed out that there was an error in marketing conducted for the new LISA Academy campus in West Little Rock, particularly in reference to where mailers were sent. While mailers are a portion of our marketing strategy for the new campus, it is by no means the totality of our marketing campaign.

Our marketing campaign included radio and television ads, newspaper ads, digital impressions, and mailed flyers. Each of these mediums was chosen for its effectiveness, particularly with the targeted audience. We purchased a total of four weeks of radio buys with Power 92 and Alice 107.7 and bought three months of ads in the Kids Directory. In addition, we purchased broadcast ads on the Channel 7 morning show, and we purchased targeted digital advertising through Channel 7 to reach the 72201, 72202, 72204, 72205, 72209, 72211, 72212, 72223, and 72227 ZIP Codes. We also purchased digital advertising on KTHV Channel 11 and KARK Channel 4. Lastly, we purchased Sunday and Thursday print ads in addition to daily digital ads through the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

In preparing our marketing plan for the new West Little Rock campus, LISA Academy faculty and staff identified appropriate marketing strategies for each zone, specifically based on feedback from the Arkansas State Board of Education and Arkansas Department of Education Charter Authorizing Panel. During the hearings conducted by the State Board and Charter Authorizing Panel, it was stressed that marketing to lower-income ZIP Codes would be most successful as digital rather than print media. Based on these conversations and further research, marketing to the 72202, 72204, and 72209 ZIP Codes focused on digital impressions along with radio and television ads. In addition, digital ads purchased through the Arkansas Democrat- Gazette were specific to mobile platforms because the newspaper staff identified that medium as most successful for reaching minority populations.

The leadership team at LISA Academy took this opportunity to reflect on the success of our marketing campaign so far, and the data demonstrate its effectiveness in reaching all students in the surrounding areas. To date, the ZIP Code producing the highest number of applications to LISA Academy for the 2016-2017 school year is 72204. The third highest is 72209. In total, the demand for enrollment at LISA Academy continues to vastly exceed our enrollment cap, as we have already received nearly 700 applications for 500 new K-5 seats, less the siblings of current students. As a result, we anticipate a waiting list for next year at this campus. LISA Academy is encouraged that so many parents and students of all ZIP Codes are looking to take advantage of this educational opportunity.

Because of the discrepancy that has been pointed out, LISA Academy is immediately releasing mailers to be sent to the 72202, 72204 and 72209 ZIP Codes, as well as 72206, and 72103, although each of these ZIP Codes was originally covered in the full marketing plan. In addition, our faculty and staff will hand out flyers in person within these ZIP Codes in the coming days.

We apologize for this error and want to reassure the community that LISA Academy has actively recruited students from all areas of the city so that we may continue our proud tradition of serving one of the most diverse student populations in Little Rock.

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