Breaking the Monopoly of Mediocrity: Because the Status Quo in Education isn’t Good Enough

The Institute for a Competitive Workforce, the education and workforce policy affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is embarking on a cross country tour from October 2012 to March 2013 to discuss education reform in local communities and inspire local leaders to become a catalyst for change.

Click here to see how Arkansas education truly compares to the rest of the nation.

In Standards, Data Systems and Charter School Laws, we’re good. In Return on Investment and Teacher Policies, we’re bad. And Student Achievement, Achievement Gap and Graduation Rate (i.e. results), we’re ugly. As for Race to the Top, we’re not running.

The next time you hear a politician and/or government leader claiming Arkansas is “Fifth in Education,” understand there is a distinct difference between rules and results.

In the same Education Week Study continuously trumpeted by those who should know better, Arkansas students received a D (66.3%) in K-12 Achievement and C- (71.8%) in Chance for Success.

So, we’re really, really good at knowing how really, really bad we are. It’s akin to the Razorbacks bragging about having the No. 5 game plan in the nation.

Breaking the Monopoly of Mediocrity

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